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Dental Makeover for Brides & Grooms

A recent survey shows that 45% of people judged other people by their smile and 75% of the people were not confident to smile for a photograph. Can you get that perfect smile? YES! With a Smile Makeover you can get that amazing smile and your confidence back. Make an appointment at Colonel’s Dental Spa at the earliest.

  • How do you get there?

    A Smile Makeover is a combination of Aesthetic Dental procedures that enhance the beauty and appearance of your smile, while at the same time maintaining the Harmony of Nature.

  • Dental Makeover Involves

    Either a single procedure or you may benefit from a combination of procedures that depend on the condition of your teeth.

  • The Result

    With a smile that is straight, white, even and just perfect for your face, you will feel better than you have in years. Your new smile will help you look younger, make you feel more confident and boost your self-esteem. Look your best in your marriage photographs, which you will treasure for life.

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