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Compendium on Dental Health
-Book Compiled by Dr.Col.M C Sharma
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Dr (Col) M C Sharma served the Army Dental Corps for 23 yrs.He is a clinician with exceptional competence & exemplary astuteness. He has earned laurels for his clinical acumen and academic proficiency. A meticulous, devoted and conscientious Prosthodontist, who practices his profession with total honesty, sincerity, integrity and possesses excellent sense of discipline. His meticulous nature and attention to detail is worthy of emulation. His book, "Compendium on Dental Health" is a testimony of his determined efforts and steadfast pursuit to achieve excellence in all fields.
Dr Col M C Sharma judging the table clinics of PG students at the 42nd Annual conference of Indian Prosthodontic Society Nov 6 to 9 Nov 2014 at Chandigarh
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