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October 19, 2021

Gingival Depigmentation

Colonel’s Dental Spa

Gingival hyperpigmentation usually occurs due to the abnormal accumulation of melanin in the gingival tissue and confers a dark appearance to the gingiva (gums). This shows when a person smiles and can look un-aesthetic. Gingival hyper-pigmentation is removed by using different procedures of gingival depigmentation. The patient’s demand for improved aesthetics is the first and foremost indication for depigmentation. Various depigmentation techniques have been employed.

Selection of the technique should be based on clinical experiences and individual preferences. One of the first and still popular techniques to be employed is the surgical removal of undesirable pigmentation using scalpels. Though initial results of de-pigmentation procedures are highly encouraging, re-pigmentation is one of the common concerns associated with them.

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